Have you ever had a co-worker approach you, and without saying anything, he understood what kind of day you were having and where your mind was wondering? He knew you must have come from a meeting with so and so because he could ” see it” all over your face. He knew it was probably the time to let you vent instead of asking that favour he had in mind. He must have picked up on something. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Or how about the waitress who seems to ” Just Know” what each offer customer’s need: once couple is in their own world and prefers to be alone; another couple welcomes some fresh conversations from a new person, while another table wants professional and polite service, minus the small talk. Everyone is sitting at a table to eat and drink and be served, and yet there is so much below the surface that makes each table unique. How does she quickly size up these tables and know there needs?
Both this perceptive co-worker and the waitress have a high level of social awareness, a skill they use to recognise and understand the moods of other individuals and entire groups of people. Though these two may be seasoned veterans at this, it is a skills that they most likely learnt and practiced over time.
Instead of looking inward to learn about and understand yourself, social awareness is looking outward to learn about and appreciate others. Social awareness is centred on your ability to recognise and understand the emotions of others. Turing into other’s, ‘ Emotions’ as you interact with them will help you get a more accurate view of your surroundings, which affects everything from relationships to the bottom line.
Social Awareness Strategies 

  1. Greet People by name
  2. Watch body language
  3. Make timing every thing
  4. Develop a back pocket question
  5. Don’t take notes and meetings
  6. Plan ahead for social gatherings
  7. Clear away the clutter
  8. Live in the moment
  9. Go on a fifteen minute tour
  10. Watch EQ at the movies
  11. Practice the art of listening
  12. Go people watching
  13. Understand the rules of the culture game
  14. Test for accuracy
  15. Step in their shoes
  16. Seek the whole picture
  17. Catch the mood of the room