All the festivals of India have some mythological story attached to them. Because when these festivals were created religion controlled every aspect of human life. Therefore even social events were connected to religious rituals so that everyone participated in them.
One of the most popular festivals of India, Holi is no exception to it. It is colourful in every sense of the word. There is a mythological story about it but the most attractive aspect of Holi is the licensciousness it gives to people to celebrate their lower instincts, to cathart and express whatever is suppressed in their unconscious, without feeling guilty.
Yes, this is very very important for the sanity of modern man. We all carry baser emotions but feel guilty about them and don’t want to accept them. Repressed, they play havoc with our unconscious. Holi is the only occasion where you can arouse your animal instincts and nobody will blame you for that.
This is why Osho appreciates Holi: ” This Holi festival is just a catharsis for the whole country to throw out all nonsense. It is good, it cleanses. More days are needed because more nonsense is there. One Holi is not enough. In fact, every month a day for Holi is needed so people can throw stones, rubbish at each other, throw colours, dirt, and can use four-letter words. It cleanses.”
The symbolic story of Holi talks about the demon Hiranyakashyapu and his pious son Prahlad. The conflict between them is the conflict between the atheist and the theist, the evil and good, the past and the present. The present always wins because it has the support of life. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Holi is a multidimensional festival : it has fire, colours, catharsis, friendliness and of course delicious sweets. No festival is complete without sweets! Holi is very human hence very endearing to all: the classes and the masses. It accepts the fallibility of humans, their weaknesses and embraces them with mirth and laughter. People don’t only throw colour at each other, they throw their morality, culture and the code of conduct to the winds. For one day the river flows breaking all disciplines, beyond the shores.
Osho wants a refined kind of Holi though: “Existence is enjoying Holi every day. In nature the colors flow afresh every day, new flowers open each morning. Even before the old leaves fall, the new buds are bursting out and the new shoots are springing up. The festival does not stop even for a moment. Such will be the life of a religious person.. His every breath is an expression of gratitude and benediction. ”
–Sadhana, Osho Meditation Resort