Love is more like a fragrance than a flower. A flower has a form, but every form creates a limitation. Love is unlimited,  hence it can’t have any form. The flower has color, the fragrance is colorless. Every color makes you one-dimensional, but colorlessness makes you multidimensional. And love, to be truly love, has to be formless, unlimited, multidimensional. If it is linear, it becomes lust; if it is multidimensional, it becomes prayer. It is the same energy – love. The lowest it can fall is lust and the highest it can rise to is prayer.

The energy is not different, it is the same ladder. Lust is the lowest rung and prayer is the highest. The name of the ladder is love; it includes all the rungs from the lowest to the highest. That’s what I mean when I say it is multidimensional, formless. But because of our unawareness we try to give it a form, a color, a shape, a limit. We try to create a boundary and the more we succeed in doing it, the more love is going to disappear; it will die.

It has to be a bird on the wing, in the sky – you cannot encage it. Even if you make a golden cage, you will kill the bird. The bird in the cage and the bird in the open sky are not the same; they are two different phenomena. They look alike, but the bird on the wing, in the winds, in the clouds, has freedom and because of freedom it has bliss.