Ordinarily, man is empty, hollow. That is his misery. He wants to be full; hence he goes on stuffing himself with food, with sex, with alcohol, with money, with things, with all kinds of gadgets that technology makes available. But still the inner emptiness remains as empty as ever. In fact, one starts feeling it more when surrounded by all kinds of things. In contrast to all those things, the inner looks very poor.

The search for money, power and prestige is basically to create a fullness of being, but it is a wrong direction; it is not the way to become full. The way to become full is by love, prayer, grace. There is only one way to become full: to be pregnant with existence, to be available to existence and to all its glory and splendor. That’s what my teaching is, in essence: love existence and you will be full. Love unconditionally and you will be overflowing. And the moment one starts overflowing is the moment of coming home. One has arrived and there is tremendous contentment.