God has not to be approached through logic but through love. To approach him through logic is to miss him. Logic is the sure way to miss God. It prohibits, it hinders; God cannot be caught in a logical net. The logical net is crude and God is so subtle. He is not like a fish; he is more like water. You can catch a fish in a net, but not the water; the water will escape.

The only way to know God is through love. And remember I say the only way — it is only love that opens your heart to the beauty of existence, to the grandeur of all that is. And that grandeur is God, the glory of existence is God.

There is a constant celebration going on. It is a dance, beginningless, endless. But our hearts are closed and we go on thinking about God through the head. ‘The head is the wrong place. As far as God is concerned, be headless!