No other time, no other century has talked as much about love as we do, and the constant talk gives the illusion that we know what loves is. We are deceiving others, we are deceiving ourselves too. Man is dying without love because as the body needs food, the soul needs love; it is a must. But food you can manufacture, you can create, you can cultivate. With love you have to learn totally new technique, the technique of being relaxed, open, available.

It is risky, it is dangerous to be open, to be vulnerable, because one never knows what is going to happen. So people keep themselves closed. In being closed they feels secure. There is security, but life disappears. They are dead even when they are alive. They are almost in their graves – secure, safe, everything guarantees, no fear. But if there is no life, what is the point of all those guarantees?

A real life is always adventurous and love is the greatest adventure. It is going into the unknown; it is allowing existence to take possession of you. And existence can take possession of you only if you are ready to dissolve into it. In that dissolution love grows. When you are not, love is. And that’s how. Godliness happens. Love is the beginning of godliness; love 1s the harbinger of godliness, the first ray of the sun.