Everyone belongs to God. There is no other way. We are born in God, we live in God, we die in God. Our energy is God’s energy: God is simply the name of the total energy of existence. But the total is not arithmetical, the total is mysterious. It is not mechanical, it is organic. There is a great difference between these two which needs to be understood.

The mechanical, the mathematical, total is nothing but the sum total of the parts. The organic total is something more than the sum total of the parts. A great painting is an organic unity. It is not just the sum total of the canvas and the colors. So it is with life.

God simply means that existence is more than it appears. It is more than can be measured. It is more than science can ever experiment with. And religion is the search for that “more,” that mysterious, illusive quality.

Hence everybody belongs to God, but very few people are aware of the fact.

The moment you know it on your own — not because I say it, not because Buddha says it, not because Jesus says it, but because you feel it — in that moment you are transformed. All misery disappears. Life becomes light and joy, a bliss and a benediction.