The most important thing to remember in life is that God loves us, that he has not forsaken us, that he is not indifferent to us, that is continuously concerned about us, that he cares

The deeper this idea enters your heart the better because be able to love others. That’s how we become able to love: if we are loved we can love; if we are not loved we don’t know how to love, we don’t know what love is.

In the world today, love is disappearing because God has disappeared. The sky is empty. It used to be full of love. For centuries people prayed looking at the sky. They were uplifted, they felt love pouring, raining, showering on them. They were , moved and touched by it, they were transformed by it. And then they were able to love others, because when you have love you can give it to others. If you don’t have it, how can you give it to others? And the only source to get it form is God because he is the only inexhaustible source.