The only evolution worth calling evolution is the evolution of bliss. If bliss is not growing, you are not evolving. If bliss is not growing, the society is not evolving. In fact, what people generally understand by evolution and progress is sheer nonsense. More and more complicated technology does not mean evolution. It is so superficial. You can have more gadgets, but you are the same person. You can reach the moon or even the stars one day, but what you are doing on the earth you will do on the moon. If you have been smoking cigarettes here, you will smoke them there. If you have been playing cards here, you will play cards there. If you have been drinking beer here, you will carry beer to the moon. What else will you do there?

If man remains the same, there is no evolution. Then we go on living on a false kind of evolution, a substitute evolution which gives the fallacious appearance that man is evolving. But for centuries man has not evolved. Only a few individuals here and there have evolved. You can come across a Buddha or a Jesus or a Zarathustra or a Lao Tzu, a Francis, a Kabir, a Bahauddin; there are very few people. Those who have really tasted the nectar of bliss are evolved human beings.