Everything changes: nothing remains the same even for two consecutive moments. Then the whole desire for keeping things as they are forever drops. And in that dropping, you are free. Suddenly a great freedom is felt; you are no longer disturbed by anything, nothing can disturb you.

Things disturb you because you were hoping for something else, and it is not happening that way. Things frustrate you because you were expecting something else, and it has not happened the way you were expecting; it is happening in some other way, it is not fulfilling your desire. It is going its own way, it is not listening to you. In almost all the languages of the world such proverbs exist: “Man proposes and God disposes.” That is sheer nonsense. The moment you propose something, you yourself are getting into trouble. Nobody is there to dispose it! But your very proposition creates trouble because life is unpredictable.

One never knows what is going to happen, and it is beautiful that one never knows what is going to happen. That’s the excitement and ecstasy of life, that it is a constant surprise.