Our brains are nothing but bio computers. It has taken millions of years for nature to evolve the brain. In creating the computer, we have simply made a brain outside the body, a mechanical brain. Of course, computers will go on growing and growing, they will become bigger and bigger, and they will be capable of doing miracles. Even great geniuses like Albert Einstein will look like pygmies beside computers very soon, for the simple question of how much they can remember. The computer can be made to remember any amount of knowledge.

Memory is a mechanical phenomenon, but awareness is nonmechanical, hence no computer can ever learn to be aware, no computer can ever be meditative. It is impossible. The computer can have knowledge, but it cannot be in a state of knowing. You have to feed it dead knowledge, it can accumulate. And that’s what our so-called scholars, pundits, have been doing for centuries. We have respected them so much and they are nothing but computers. Machines have been worshipped; and we are still doing it – our universities are factories where we create machines out of men.

My work here consists of doing just the opposite: in de-automatizing you, in de-conditioning you, in helping you to become aware.

When you become more aware, you are more open to existence, to all that is happening all around. All your windows and doors are open; existence can pass through you. You can become more and more sensitive as you become more and more aware. But a man of awareness never accumulates. He goes on refining his process of knowing; there is no limit to it. He goes on sharpening his sword. But he is not interested in information, his interest is transformation. And through awareness, through knowing, transformation happens. You become a new man.

Through knowledge, you remain the same old person with more knowledge added to you. But you are not new, you are the same old person with new acquirements, that’s all. With awareness, you are new and you are new in such a way that you know how to go on renewing yourself every moment so that you are never old, never dull, never insensitive.