– Bliss is the highest dimension of joy. The first is pleasure — that is animal. The second is happiness — that is human. And bliss is divine. Sex is animal, love is human, prayer is divine. In love there may be sex, there may not be. In prayer there is no possibility of sex, it simply disappears. Hence Tantra cannot be understood by ordinary people; they are bound to misunderstand it. It is prayer. It has nothing to do with sex. Even making love has nothing to do with sex. When it becomes a meditation, a prayer — just the melting and meeting and merging of energies in a prayerful mood — it is not even fun or play, it is devotion.

Bliss is the goal because only in blissfulness do you touch the highest peak of your being, do you come to your total realization. Man is a three storied building. The ground floor is animal. And it is good, nothing is wrong in it; I am not against it, but I would like everybody to know something of the higher. Let the lower be the base, but don’t remain confined to it. The second floor is human and the third floor is divine.

In knowing bliss one comes to know one’s godliness, one is God. And unless this is realized, remember, life remains unfulfilled; it remains a deep frustration, a discontentment. When you have reached your ultimate peak, only then is there contentment, peace, silence, a deep satisfaction that one has arrived.