If one is not able to become a song, life remains empty, meaningless. And people try to become everything except a song. They want to become rich, powerful, famous. But in becoming rich, in becoming politically powerful, in becoming famous, they lose all the qualities that can make their life joyous. They lose all cheerfulness, they become serious. They have to become serious because the things that they are trying to achieve are competitive. They are all ego trips and the ego is a very serious thing.

The ego never takes anything as fun, it is very serious. Hence egoists tend to become saints because that seems to be the easiest way to become powerful, respected, famous, without losing your seriousness at all. In fact, you can become more and more serious as you become a bigger saint. But you become more and more dead too.

Have you ever seen a dead man laughing? Dead men are very serious, bound to be! They can’t laugh. That would be out of place.

Rejoice! Rejoice as much as you can, become more and more alive, as much as you can. To me, to be religious means to be overflowing with life, so abundantly overflowing that you can share your life with others.