Difference between ordinariness and mediocrity is subtle.
Mediocrity is the general state of humanity as it is. It is a retiredness of intelligence. Nobody wants you to be intelligent, because the more intelligent you are the more it is difficult. The more it is difficult to exploit you. Every vested interest wants you to be mediocre. A mediocre person is just like a tree whose roots have been continuously cut so it cannot grow. The mediocre person never comes to know fruition, flowering, fragrance. But this is the common state. And the mediocre person mediocre a strange thing has to be put in his mind:the he is extra-ordinary. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
George Gurdjieff use to tell a story:
There was a shepherd who was a magician, he had many sheep. To take care of them not have them wander into the forest and to be eaten by wild animals, he managed a strategy. He hypnotised all the sheets and told them, ” You are not sheets, You are Lions.” after that day these sheets started behaving like lions. The mediocre person will rebel against mediocrity because it is ugly. but the society in so many ways gives people the feeling of being “extraordinary”. Hence, it is very difficult to find the person who does not, deep down, believe that he is special, the only begotten son of God, he may not say so, because he knows what happens if you say that you are the only begotten son of God. Then crucifixion  is certain, and resurrection – nobody knows whether it really happened or not. So he keeps it inside. This helps him to remain mediocre. If he understands he is mediocre that very understanding will destroy his mediocrity. To understand that you are mediocre is great jump into intelligence
The ordinary person is the natural person nature does not produce special people it produces unique people but not special. Everybody is unique in his own way.