‘I have money but I am Unhappy’. Often, I get clients who tell me that they have tonnes of money but they are not happy. It is true that money can’t buy happiness – if you are looking at picking it from a store shelf or e-retailer. But it doesn’t mean that money is not a good thing to possess. The pleasure of money is in using it – using it purposefully.
We may have several desires which money can help us fulfill.  Consider the MasterCard advert for example. Everything has a price tag, but the ultimate result is usually a smile on your baby’s face, the loving embrace of your partner or the happiness of your loved ones, which is usually priceless. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
A contradictory instance would be: We live in a beautiful big house without a family that loves us while we are chasing more money due to our greed and insecurity.  Money can make life comfortable but joy makes life loving and livable.
Once our desires are fulfilled, need of money too is lessened but continue to accumulate it as there is no end to our desires. Therefore when Mark Zuckerberg donated 99% of his shares for the welfare of girl child, one needs to sit up and take note. It effectively means that couple has consciously reached a point where all their worldly desires are dropped and they have discovered that 1% of their shares are good enough to meet their future needs. If you have a wealth of high proportions, share it. Sharing has enormous pleasure. You share when you are joyous and happy, enormously happy. So it is natural for Mark and his wife to feel that empathy for the girl child when they are blessed with a daughter. By sharing his wealth Mark and his wife are showing their empathy for the cause of the girl child.
World, however, is full of strange people.  There are people who may earn money to compete with Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates in order to become a bigger donor than them. So it is important to know the difference between Donation and Sharing. Donation is driven by desire of acquiring self-esteem in the society while sharing is voluntary and empathetic response to a cause. Sharing is made in a state of happiness and thus is more positive than making a donation. Money can bring enormous pleasure when it is shared out of empathy to someone or to something.
Earning money can also bring you lot of pleasure, if your efforts are not in direction of accumulating wealth but rather in form of sharing wealth by creating jobs and giving quality of life to hard working individuals who have made it happen for you.
Money makes you Happyho if it is shared.