If you start to resist the bad, you cannot float. If you take the bad to be bad, you cannot float. There is no need to resist the bad, the moment you look on something as bad, resistance begins. In calling any thought in the mind bad, resistance has already begin, there will be no need for another resistance. The very idea that such and such a thing is bad means resistance has begun. There should be neither any condemnation of the bad, nor any approval of the good. If you resist the bad and welcome the good you cannot float. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Where there is choice, there cannot be floating. Floating can only be choiceness. That is why bad people are not able to meditate and also good people cannot. The bad man’s clinging is that he should stay with the bad and the good man’s clinging is that he should drop the bad and stay with the God – but both are clinging. What we call good and what we call bad are not too different things: the are two sides of the same coin.
So when you wants to hold on to the good, all that he can do is put the good side of the coin on top, but the bad will always be present underneath. When he catches hold of the good, the bad will automatically be in his hand as well because it is not a separate thing, it is the other side of the good. If I want to hold on to only one side of a rupee coin and let go the other side, all that would be possible would be to put one side on top and hide the other. The good man is one who has put the good side on top and pushed the bad side underneath. The bad man is one who has put the bad side on top and pushed the good underneath. There is no basic difference between the good and the bad man. They are essentially the same sort of persons – the only difference is that one side of the coin is on top and the other is underneath: One man’s coin is lying with the head up and other with the tail up. Is their any difference between them?
The good man is always present inside the bad and goes on goading him, ” why are you doing bad things?”  ” why are you doing bad things?” ” why are you doing bad things?” “doing something good”, “do something good”. Inside even the worst sinner, the virtuous goes on calling ” do something good”, do something good” and inside the good man the bad is always present asking him: ” what madness are you in? being so impractical, so idealistic? do some thing bad, otherwise you will miss out. Others are doing bad things and getting ahead in life; only you are missing out. You should cheat, otherwise you will repent. What are you upto? you will loose everything, you will ruin everything.
Inside the good man the bad is lying surpassed and inside the bad man good is suppressed. Meditation is to be free of both. You are not to hold on to either on. Only he who simply does not choose can become free of both; only he who does not say this is good, who does not say this is bad. He who just remains a watcher to both and says, ” you are there and you are also there.” Who, coming to a rose flower, says to the flower, ” You are there,” and tell the thorns, “You are also there.” He neither says that he will choose the thorns, nor does he say he will choose the rose flower. He simply does not choose, he sits quietly next to the rose. he accepts both thorns and flower.
And remember, a  revolution happens when some one accepts both the flower and the thorns. The flower and the thorns cancel each other and disappear, nothing is left behind. When someone accepts both good and bad, they cancel each other and nothing is left behind. Meditation is the state where neither just the good is left, nor just the bad.