Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
At times I feel we are like a dog chasing its own tail in this world!! The only thing that seems to not change is the fact that everything keeps changing! This spiral of change is nature’s way! Everything in manifestation is continually changing; they say we have a new body every seven years!! Nothing belongs to us in a world of fleeting change and impermanence. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.

So why are we spending our life in a vain chase for some illusive goal that will make us happy? Why are we so serious about all the goals we have set for our life? We think we will be happy if we achieve our goals. But the elusive goal of happiness will only shift. It will only lure us to a bigger goal. We put all our effort forward, we either will achieve the goal or not, and then again the frustrations will grip us. And we again start to chase our tail!

A sincere seeker of peace never attaches much importance to this impermanence at the periphery of life but finds his anchor in the stillness at the core of being. Let us stop chasing this shadow, let’s stop chasing our tail and realize our innate potential of sat-chit-ananda, existence, consciousness and bliss infinite.

The only way to be truly happy in life is to talk less about what makes us happy and perform all our duties to the best of our ability while we hold fast to the Self within. We must never forget that Self-realisation is the only purpose of life. We are here for a short time. Let us not be attached to our home but recognize the law of impermanence and begin the day with deep conviction that through every thought and action we will seek and search for our true Home in the Divine.
Let not our work bind us to this world of impermanence in a fake search of name and fame, wealth and attachments, but be the tool to lift us up to the meditative world of pure joy and abiding peace.

We need to live our own life and walk our own Path, not someone else’s. And accept every situation that happens to us while chanting the mantra: “Nothing is permanent; impermanence is the way of this world. All is well in my life, this too shall pass.” Believing this law, let us try to not take things so seriously. We can then play the game of life as it presents itself from moment to moment without becoming too serious or attached to our achievements. In theatrical plays, no actor becomes serious other than becoming playfully serious. Become aware of the whole of the Cosmos as a Divine Play. Join in the play consciously. Drop the mistaken notions of achieving this and achieving that. Be happily playful, like a sweet little child.

All manifestations are Her Divine Play! There is nothing but the One in everything. When our worldly play takes us to a point where we see the hidden secret and mystery of the universe, that day our heart and soul rejoice only in God, only in Her Glory, only in realizing that all is perfect in its own time and space. All criticisms and judgments dissolve into the Divine radiance and sole reality and we see only the holy and light in everyone and everything. All is well.