When you go to a Master you are going to death. You will have to die, only because unless you die you cannot be reborn. When your dreams are destroyed truth comes into existence, Truth becomes revealed.
You like a person because he helps your ego. You like a person because she says you are the perfect man. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
I once over heard two young lovers. They are sitting near the sea and big waves were rolling and the boy said, ” Roll on, beautiful waves. Roll on bigger and bigger and bigger.” and they become bigger and bigger. And the girl said,  “Wonderful! the sea obeys you”
You will like this person. and if somebody helps your ego, you are ready to help his or her ego in the bargain.
You like a person when everything fits. It is a mutual arrangement . the moment the person starts on his own or something does not fit, or the person is adamant or the person has started to dominate, or the person starts to possesses, or the person starts to hurt you ego…..
And that is going to happen because that person likes you not because you ego is strengthened – that person likes you because her or his ego is strengthened. He like you because of his own self, ego, and you like because your self is strengthened. Your purposes are different. So this type of arrangement cannot go on forever. And your purposes are not only different, they are antagonistic, because only can be the master and both are trying to be the master.
In the beginning they will be very sweet because the territory  is unknown. By and By as things settle, they will become more and more adamant, possessive, dominating, more and more aggressive to the other. And then you start disliking. You hate a person who in any way tries to bring your superiority down. You love a person who makes you superior.