India is blessed with many saints. Meera is a saint on path of love. She was a Rajput princess in love with Krishana. Her love attained highest level of devotion that she was completely merged into the Krishna consciousness. There is a subtle difference between Krishna’s consciousness and Buddha’s consciousness, though they are both one at the highest peak only that the paths have been different. Krishna consciousness is path of devotion and Buddha’s consciousness is path of awareness. Interestingly Krishan’s consciousness encompass playfulness and celebration so you see Krishna as a dancing God of east.
Osho says, contrary to the path of awareness is the path of heart. the I become the mystery and you – thou, the other, the beloved- becomes the Real. If you move to the very extreme, then it becomes devotion. If your love comes to such and extreme point that you forget completely that you are, you have no notion of yourself and only the other remains, that is devotion. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Love becomes devotion. Love is the first step, only then can devotion flowers. But for us even love is a far away reality. Sex is the only real thing. Love has two possibilities, either it falls into sex and becomes a bodily thing or it rises into devotion and becomes a thing of the spirit. Love is just in between. Just below it is the abyss of sex, and beyond it is the open sky- the infinite sky of devotion.
If your love grows deeper the other becomes more and more significant – so significant that you begin to call the other your God. That is why Meera goes on calling Krishna, God. No-one can see krishna and Meera cannot prove that Krishna is there but she is not interested in proving it at all. She has made that point, Krishna, her love object. And remember, wether you make a real person your love object or whether it is just your love imagination, it makes no difference, because the whole transformation comes through devotion, not through the beloved – remember this. Krishna may not be there at all, it is irrelevant. For the lover, it is irrelevant.
For Radha, Krishna was there in reality. For Meera krishna was not there in reality that is why Meera is a greater devotee than Radha. And even Radha would become jealous of Meera, because for Radha the real person was there. It is not so difficult to feel Krishna’s reality when he is present. But when Krishna is no more there, Meera alone is living in a room and talking to Krishna, and living for him who is no where. For her he is everything and all. She cannot prove it, it is irrational. But she took a jump and she became transformed. Devotion freed her.
It is important to emphasise the fact that it is not a question of whether Krishna is there or not. It is not, This feeling that Krishna is there, this total feeling of love, this total surrender, this loosing oneself into one who may be or may not be, this loosing itself is the transformation. Suddenly one is purified. Totally purified – because when the ego is not there you cannot be impure in any way. Because ego is the seed of all impurity.
The feeling of ego is the root of all madness. For the feeling world, the world of the devotee, ego is the diseases. Ego dissolves, and it dissolves in only one way, there is no other way. There is only one way the other become so important, so significant, that by and by you fade out and disappear. One day you are no more, just a consciousness of the other remains.