In Vedic traditions one of the most difficult disciplines the seeker (student) has to learn is the art of listening deeply with an open heart and mind and then chewing the essence and metabolizing it into the pure light of spiritual effulgence.
The first stage of listening from this Hindu perspective is called Shravana, which is listening to the Guru. Then comes Mañana or contemplation, which is dwelling on the deeper significance of the words the Guru has spoken. Then we have Nididhyasana, or meditation, where we meditate on the significance of the essence of what Guru says. This leads to Moksha or complete liberation. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The most difficult stage is the first one, listening. Shravana is listening where the mind is a clean slate with no bla bla inside or background noise!! Then what is conveyed registers and leads to the next two stages of deep contemplation and meditation.
Listening to the Intelligence of Our Own Body
One dimension of listening mindfully is shutting off our attention to the external world and its noise frequencies and tuning into our own body. If we close our eyes, take a few deep breaths, and dive into our own body, scanning it from head to toe, relaxing, being a calm and quiet witness, we may be blessed to listen to the intelligent communications of our own unique physical universe.
With deep contemplation we begin to know exactly what our body needs, what food, rest, company, thoughts, emotions, and kind of life! Our very cellular structure undergoes a thorough transformation, first through detoxification and then through higher energy and vibrations. It all starts the day we stop, pause, and turn our gaze to our own inner body, our physical stuff that has the intelligence of the whole universe in it.
We realize whatever is in the universe, is in our body. Why our body! Even one of the trillions of cells of our body is a macrocosm in itself. It is like an ocean in a drop. It is holographic. Isn’t it incredible? Oh! How much time we waste focusing outside looking for fun!! Listening to the intelligence of our own body, contemplating on what is revealed and then meditating on the wonder of it all can open a new horizon, a new world we have never seen before!!