Vismaya is a light-worker, a soul healer, a visionary, an artist, connected to the “source” through “active divine channel” that her being is experiencing as life now. She is experiencing life as a multidimensional being, “witnessing” life from higher perspective in expanded awareness. channeling “knowing” and “healing energies” from the mystical, the unseen, the source.

According to her, the mysterious journey she as been on since birth, appears to be a design for her soul to have earth experiences in unconventional ways- her primarily being more aware of the “sense of separation” from “something” that she knew could not be “rectified” in the “seen”/ physical world experiences. She always felt a disconnection between the “suffering” one experiences inside and human attempt to experience the contrast of suffering (non suffering/JOY) through “physical world/outside of self” experiences. She says now that she is able to experience life from a higher perspective, she can see how “dots” are connected, how life is “scripted”, how everything is connected to everything else through an invisible intricate network, and every person we come across is playing a part of soul contract they signed up to play, on our own personal script. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

The joy we experience “outside” brings are “temporary highs” she says. Since the design/set up of the “seen” world is “illusionary” (MAYA) and designed to be a “game” (LEELA) – the magnetism is given in human design towards the “outside” experiences ( which, in the “game plan” is the design to keep distracted from the “prize”, the source, key to harmony/joy/abundance which actually already exist inside, hidden)

Vismaya says “inside” comes first. “Outside” experiences are “projection” of energy patterns imprinted in the “unconscious and subconscious” memories existing “inside” of us. We are the creators of our own physical world experiences, they are being projected from the “ old timelines/ energy patterns “ existing inside, for us to see the “mirror” of our on healed/unhealed energy patterns being experienced as physical world experiences. So, instead of believing that “outside” experiences are the source of suffering, if we start diverting our awareness “inside” by “observing” what is being “triggered” inside of as in any physical life experience, the game changes MAGICALLY. The mystery gets activated, the consciousness expands and a healed “inside” projects/creates “healed” physical world experiences.

So, since “inside” comes first, and “inside” is “unknown/mystery”, how do we see what “unhealed energy patterns” lie inside that are causing physical life experiences that bring suffering? Vismaya says “follow your pain, honour your pain, dive deep into your inside, explore what’s lies “inside” that cause “uneasiness/sadness/guilt/shame/fear/anger/any dark emotion” and then the “mystery, the unknown, the source” mysteriously alchemizes the darkness into light through the process of “diving/exploring the unconscious/subconscious”

Vismaya helps transmute pain into light, using the healing energies and wisdom channeled through her. Vismaya helps collapsing of old timelines constantly running “inside” as unhealed energy patterns that create unhealed physical life experiences which cause suffering. As a divine channel and light worker, she is able to diagnose the imbalance existing inside, the imbalance of the feminine and masculine energies, the yin and the yang, the invisible and the visible, the unhealed timelines. In her sessions, the portals of mystery and graces open and spontaneous channelling of divine healing energies are experienced and intensive healing takes place that not only bring harmony, the portals of expansion of consciousness and higher awareness are opened and initiation into self healing process takes place. Mystery and Alchemy get activated in sessions with her, life changing divine activations happen.