Kindness and generosity are important character strength of a happy person. If you are kind and generous to others and are always willing to do favours to others it is more likely that you shall be happier than others. In that case,  most often you enjoy doing good deeds for others despite knowing nothing about it. Kindness encompass various ways for relating to another person that are guided by that person’s best interest, and these may override your own immediate wishes and needs.
How often you take interest of another human being at least as seriously as your own? Empathy is a useful component of this character strength. People who are blessed with kindness are  universal givers.Kindness breeds love. But it does not mean you are not tough when required.  A guru works in the best interest of his disciple. At many occasion he has to act tough in the best interest of the disciple. Often we confuse kindness with weakness. A real kind person is a holistic person who knows how to act in the interest of the other. He is not a person who just cajole and agree to do what the other want. A mother is tough to the child to ensure he gets best care. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
I am reminded of an interesting zen story. Once in Japan a great business man after having made his fortune decided to stay in a small village by buying a piece of land for himself. He decided to renovate his villa and was consulting best people who can help him. One of his consultants suggested that he should take help of a fengshui master. So he went to town to consult the best Fengshui master.  Over the lunch he requested the Fengshui Master to come with him and inspect his villa for any fengshui corrections. So they both drove to the small village where the rich businessman was living.
On way fengshui master noticed that businessman while driving the car was giving way to all the persons wanting overtake his car. So he told the businessman that your driving is quite safe. The businessman replied,   The people overtaking are in obvious hurry to do something urgent, we should not hold them up. Arriving in the small town the street became narrow and so the businessman slowed down the car. A giggling child ran out of the lane on the street, the businessman did not speed up instead he keep up gazing in the lane as if waiting for something to happen. Out of the blue another child darted out of the lane chasing after the child ahead. Fengshui master was surprised and asked, “How did you know there would be another child following the suit?” Business man shrugged ” well kids are always chasing after each other so it is impossible for a child to be such a glee without a playmate.” Fengshui master gave him a thumbs up and laughed out loud. They both arrived at villa and got down from the car. Suddenly about seven to eight birds flocked from the backyard. Seeing so businessman said, Master, you wait here for a little while, it seems some kids are in the backyard trying to steal the Lychees from the trees and I do not want to fright them and risk them falling from the trees.
Fengshui master stayed there silently and stated that this house does not require any fengshui evaluation. Any place graced with your presence naturally becomes the property with most auspicious fengshui. When our minds prioritise other’s peace and happiness the one who benefits is not just others, but ourselves too when a person is considerate of the other at all the times then this person has unconsciously accomplished Buddha hood. The Buddha is in fact a person who through benefiting others become enlightened.