Swami Chaitanya Keerti
J Krishnamurti ( Born on 11 May 1895) is an enlightened mystic of our era, though most of the people don’t celebrate his birthday on such a large scale so that whole of India and the rest of the world comes to know about this unique master. He did not create an aura around himself to perpetuate such celebrations. He remained a shy messiah, though the top members of Theosophical Society had groomed and promoted him as the New World Teacher for the 20th century. After his enlightenment, he preferred to share his sparkling wisdom without projecting himself as a guru. 
Someone asked him:  In spite of your emphatic denial of the need of a guru, are you not yourself a guru? What is the difference?
JK. responded:  Sir, what do you mean by a guru? Why do you need a guru? Whether you make me one or not, I am not making myself a guru to you. That is why a follower is a curse. The follower is the destroyer, the follower is the exploiter. (Laughter.) Do not laugh it away, think about it very earnestly and see the consequence of it. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
JK remained very alert throughout his whole life that he should not be projected as a guru. This is one of the reasons that we don’t come to know about any celebrations around his birthday. Some people do criticise him that he was too serious a person and his approach towards the Truth and Enlightenment has been very intellectual and mental, one dimensional and not holistic. This criticism does have some validity also but it does not make JK less enlightened than other mystics. In the past also, there have been some enlightened people who were also very serious. Such sages who share their truth with the total intellectual approach are bound to be called philosophers–and in reality, they are not philosophers. They are mystics who are able to use their mind effectively to create a bridge with others who are mind-oriented people or scientists. These people also should have someone who can talk to them in their own language. JK was perfect in this dimension though he was not an entertainer. He did not have any playful approach to reach out to his listeners. He remained serious all his life. 
His insights do resonate with the insights of the ancient sages, such as Ashtavakra and Kapil Muni of Sankhya Darshan. And please remember not to translate Darshan as Philosophy–Darshan is Seeing. So these mystics were the Seers. 
Talking on JK, the enlightened mystic Osho says:  The mystic is a revolution; he is not entertainment. If you hear him, if you allow him, if you open your doors to him, he is pure fire. He will burn all that is rubbish in you, all that is old in you, and he will purify you into a new human being. It is risky to allow fire into your being—rather than opening the doors, you immediately close all the doors.
But entertainment is another thing. It does not change you. It does not make you more conscious; on the contrary, it helps you to remain unconscious for two, three hours so that you can forget all your worries, concerns, anxieties—so that you can get lost in the entertainment. You can note it: the man has passed through the centuries, he has managed to create more and more entertainments because he needs more and more to be unconscious. He is afraid of being conscious because being conscious means to go through a metamorphosis.