Days are to work and nights to sleep. Nature has given us this wonderful gift to relax after the day’s hard work. But we alter this due to social commitments. We party hard after the day’s work and think that partying hard will help in relaxing self for a good sleep.
Right? wrong.
We do not sleep because we have tried to keep the body awake when it wanted to sleep. We have ignored the body signals for sleep, resulting in the body to adopt a new program for sleep. It is therefore important to revert to old programming. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Lack of sleep or Insomnia is a lifestyle disorder. It just needs correction and rest falls in place. A normal body needs eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. When we have less sleep we not only have biological issues with the body, such as increased blood pressure, we also have several emotional stresses. A sleep starved body and mind is much irritable. Gets angry and is full of lethargy. Performance and temperament issues at the work place are common for such people who suffer with lack of sleep.
Insomnia is more serious issue. Where you do not sleep at all. The body needs rest and the mind does not allow it to be restful. Mind keeps chattering and does not slow down. The computer games and all the gadgets, which keep the engagement alive all the time, are essentially big culprits.
We need to do a tech detox for some time and restore our body clock.
Insomnia is also out of our fears. The mind keeps chattering and you toss in the bed to catch sleep. So far a good sleep body and mind both need good rest and therefore we should learn how to make both rest properly for the night.
There are about 5-6% of Indians above the age of 50 years who are suffering from insomnia. This simply means that these are the people who are not earning the right to sleep. They are not working to create the situation in which sleep happens.
In India this is becoming a bigger issue as the younger population with higher disposable income is engaged in lesser physical and more mental engagements at work and at home as well. So the body is lesser tired than mind and this imbalance is leading to insomnia.
So a lifestyle correction can change the pattern of resting for an individual, which can resolve the issue of insomnia.
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