(Nonah Khanna in her Noida office after being awarded Most promising healer and Reiki Practitioner of the year 2017 )
On the International Women’s day we met globally acclaimed master healer Nonah Khanna spoke to Happy Ho about her healing practice. Blessed with immensely wonderful healing hands Nonah Khanna runs a centre in Vancouver, Canada and another at Noida in Delhi, NCR. She is the master healer at Happy Ho. She has transformed many lives and continue to work for the mankind untiringly in her own beautiful ways. She is a wonderful painter and a die hard teacher at heart. Nonah is also blessed with a charismatic personality and with no strings attached she speaks her heart out in a informal interaction with Happy Ho content team. 
Q. How do you think that healing help in building emotional wellness
Nonah : Healing is very important for emotional wellness despite a person might feel that he is perfectly healthy.  He measures his well being exclusively to the physical body. Energy healing believes in the body,mind and spirit connection. In very simple words, if you are not physically healthy ,you cannot be emotionally healthy.In the same way if you are not mentally happy, you will not stay emotionally happy and vice versa. Here Energy healing plays a very important role. It connects and harmonises the mind, spirit and body connection. And once that is done one achieves the peak of emotional wellness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Q You do several kinds of healings, can you please help us understand how each one is useful and in what ailments.
Nonah :Yes, I practice various modalities of healing. Crystal healing is one of them. It is a form of energy healing which involves applying of crystals on the body to facilitate healing. When even one of our chakra is blocked, our energy becomes imbalanced and we become sick and diseased.
Angel therapy is a non denominational spiritual healing that involves working with Archangels, Guardian Angels and Healing angels to heal and harmonize.It helps us have a better understanding of our purpose of life and increases our optimism about us and people around us.Hence it can really help in emotional and mental issues as well.Angels also help us to connect with our loved ones who have passed away and still might have some messages for us. Angel healing can help in conception, relationships,other health issues etc.
I am also a grandmaster in Reiki healing. Reiki works on the life force or the prana of the body to maintain good health.Reiki is a technique that aids the body in opening the blocked meridians, nadis and chakras and clears the energy and aura.The effects of blocked and unreleased stress from our bodies can give us minor to major health concerns. It could be anything starting from minor cold and fever to heart diseases, diabetes,auto immune diseases, kidney issues ,high and low blood pressure, liver issues and even cancer. Here reiki helps by correcting the imbalances of the body and by replacing the blocked and stagnant energy .
Another therapy that has given me great results is Ayurvedic Acupressure. It is done by applying pressure on the pressure points and completely heals and cure all kind of physical, mental and emotional illnesses.
Another very successful training I give is EFT. …Emotional freedom technique. It is a powerful self help method which works on the theory that emotional trauma contributes greatly to ill health. You can lose weight fast with EFT and keep it off permanently. It is also very effective in reducing stress, anxiety, depression ,pains,digestive disorders etc . You can learn EFT from us and be an EFT expert in just two days.
Q Healing is sharing your energy how do you keep your powerhouse recharged all the time. 
Nonah : Energy healing does not drain a healer of energy because this energy is guided by the Higher Power, it’s not ours. But yes I do have a busy and hectic schedule the entire day. In that case I wud say that stress is just s state of mind. People do not believe me when I say I don’t get stressed. This is not because my life is simple . I have a family, work, healing, meeting people but I do not let it control me. See …It’s very simple. Lets compare your day and routine to a garden. You know that you have to go to the other side of that garden everyday. You will start in the morning, reach the other end and return at night. Sometimes late night too. Now it’s up to you how you take that walk. Either you run hurriedly,in the pressure that you have to come first in the race and fret about the heat,the dust and the stones on the way. Or you walk and jump like a small kid ,happy that you are alive, happy to enjoy the small moments, playing with the colorful butterflies around you and smelling the beautiful fragrance of flowers on the way. The choice is yours. Both approaches will make you reach ultimately.
Q What is your message for new healers and what they should do to make their healing more effective
Nonah ; Anyone who wants to be a healer has to have a loving and compassionate heart. That’s all that is needed to be a good healer. Imagine being in a profession where you invest love and you get your returns in the form of love of the people you have healed. Imagine being in a world where every touch of yours will give new life, new hope to others. A world where your day would start and end with getting blessings and respect. If u believe that the purpose of your life is to love,to help and to serve others, just go ahead. For this is all that is needed in this world to make it a heaven Isn’t it.