Sunny Leone alias Karenjit Kaur the porn star of yesteryears and today’s upcoming Bollywood star proved her point with full conviction during a television interview when she emphasized that she doesn’t regret any of her her career choices.The basic concept that defines the contours of a happy person.
Talking to CNN-IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey, on The Hot Seat, Sunny Leone  clarified that she did love the work she was doing as a porn artist at the time and if given another life she would make the same choices again as she has no regrets for her decisions.
A visibly happy and content Sunny took the journalist’s idea at it’s face value with humor when he suggested that Indian women are scared of Sunny as they feel they will lose their husbands to Sunny Leone. She looked straight into the camera and addressed the women with a tart reply,”Please, ladies I do have my own very handsome, dashing, caring and loving husband. I do not need any of yours’. So please don’t be afraid.”
How beautifully she kept her cool is remarkable. A truely happy person with her life and choices, she told him to leave the studio when Mr. Chaubey mentioned that he might get corrupted in her presence. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The anchor, at one point in the interview, also mentioned how his Twitter and Facebook timelines were full of negative comments and questions for Leone.
If Chaubey had been able to do anything, it is turning the tables. Twitter now  is all praise for the way Sunny Leone tackled questions from this anchor. From her film industry colleagues to her fans – the Twitterati at large – everybody is singing paeans to Sunny Leone . No vlog matter what the anchor’s intent might have been, it’s quite visible who has come out smelling of roses from the interview.
Obviously the lady comes out a winner through and through as she emphasized and proved that happiness is for the brave and wise, who do not let regret find place in their design of life. They make their life choices based on their priorities and facts and not by the imaginary opinions of others. Thus are rewarded with happiness and stay content to the core.