Be very careful about the news feed either through social network or news
channels. Don’t forget you don’t only eat through your mouth but through
your eyes and ears. Junk food = junk body, junk news feed = junk mind. You
already are battling with your own issues of life, negative emotions are
already occupying lot of your mind space, added to that if you feed with junk, you know what output can come out. As you input so is output. Life is short and fleeting, read good inspirational and motivational books and meet positive wise people or read their life stories, which will keep you on the right track of life. It is not who is right or who is wrong in this world, it is how you rise to equivision and live empathetic, loving caring ever evolving life of the Saint hiding in you. By cursing the sinner you don’t become a Saint. By living the Saint you become wise.
~~ Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa~~