A dance is pure when the dancer dissolves into it, when the dancer is no longer there, when you cannot find the dancer and only the dance remains. That’s what meditation is sannyas is, ecstasy is, and ultimately that’s what existence is.

Slowly, slowly, learn how to dissolve. Dissolve in any act, then that act becomes a dance. If you are jogging and you disappear in the jogging so there is no jogger, only jogging remains; or if you are running in the early, morning, and there is no runner but only the running— you are so possessed by the act itself that there is only the act and no doer inside, then it is dance.

Whenever you can lose yourself, there is thence and there is sannyas. And slowly, slowly, let become your very heart. Then existence comes seeking and searching for you. You need not go anywhere: one day it knocks on your very door.