Silence is a unique experience in life ; otherwise life is very noisy . Outside there is noise , inside there is noise , and both together are enough to drive anybody crazy . They have drives the whole world crazy .

A One has to stop the inner noise . The outer noise is beyond our control , nor is there any need to stop it , but we can stop the inner noise . And once the inner noise is stopped and silence settles , the outer noise is not a problem at all ; you can enjoy it , you can live in it without any problem .

The experience of the inner silence is unique , incomparable There is no other experience which can be of much value because out of this experience all experiences grow . It is the foundation of the whole temple of religion . Without silence there is no truth , no freedom , no godliness with silence , suddenly things which were not there are there and things which were there are no longer there . Your vision has changed , your perspective has changed . Silence makes you capable of knowing the invisible , of knowing the unknowable That is its uniqueness .