Love makes everybody a great poet , and if love cannot make you a poet then nothing can . Love opens a totally different dimension in your being . Without love you remain confined to the world of logic . Once love starts happening in your life , logic starts to disappear ; a transcendence of logic happens . that’s why the logical mind will always call love , madness , blindness . Logic has always condemned love as blind , mad . It has called it all kinds of names for the simple reason that the intellect is incapable of conceiving it . It is a totally different world . It has nothing to do with arithmetic , with logic , with science . It is immeasurable , uncharted . Nobody knows exactly , precisely , what it is . Even those who have gone deepest into it have found themselves almost dumb – it is inexpressible . But the experience is great , so ecstatic that it explodes in many ways . It may explode in dancing , in music , in poetry , in painting , in any kind of creativity . Love is always creative . And the world has been so destructive for the simple reason that we have taught people to repress their love energy . Love repressed becomes destructive ; love expressed becomes creativity .