The diamond is within and we are without. It is part of our being, but we are looking everywhere else except there: hence the misery, hence the frustration, hence the despair.

Look within, look into yourself, and the kingdom of God is yours. We have never lost it, not even for a single moment. In fact even if we want to lose it, we cannot, it is our very being. But we have become beggars through our own decision, through our own stupidity. We have forgotten how to read the language of the inner scripture, and we are searching in the Vedas, and the Korans, and the Bibles… We will become great scholars, but not rich; we will remain as poor as ever. Richness comes only in one way, and that is by going in; there is the mine, the treasure, the inexhaustible treasure.

Turn in, tune in, and then there is great joy – unending. Life is significant only then, never before. Life is life only them, never before.