Become more and more cheerful : don’t miss any opportunity.

People are very stupid , they never miss an opportunity to be miserable . Even if there is no opportunity to create it , they invent one , they fantasize . If it is not in the present they start searching in the past , if it is not in the past they will think of the future , but somehow they have to find something to worry about , to be miserable about . No wonder the world is full of misery .

The same should be done with bliss : never miss an opportunity . There are a thousand and one opportunities every day . Once you are alert you will be surprised how many opportunities you have been missing up to now . At each step there are opportunities . One need not invent them , one need not imagine them , they are always coming – existence goes on showering . But we are accustomed to a wrong attitude , a wrong approach ,a negative approach toward life . We choose the thorns and ignore the flowers .

The sannyasin changes the whole gestalt ; he chooses the flowers , he ignores the thorns . If you choose the thorns and ignore the flowers , sooner or later there will be no flowers for you , only thorns . Even flowers will become thorns because your whole approach will be such that a flower will only remind you of thorns . And the opposite also happens : if you choose the flowers , even thorns remind you of beautiful flowers . By and by thorns disappear , the whole of life becomes full of flowers ; it becomes a springtime .

And then existence is not far away , it is very close . Once bliss starts happening , you can feel existence closer than the heart , closer than your own heartbeat .