life is really very short . One can waste one’s life very easily because it is short ? It is so strange !

Time is the most precious thing . And we don’t have much time .Once gone it is gone forever: It flies so fast that between birth and death there is not much gap . And people are killing time , not knowing the fact that it is just the other way round :

‘Time is killing you ‘.

To live life the only way is to live in the present  . And when you live in the present with no past dragging you backward and no future dragging you forward , when your total energy is concentrated in the moment , life takes on a tremendous intensity .

People may have all the money in the world , One can be rich by possessing many things , but remember you come empty – handed into the world and you will have to go empty – handed ; all your possessions will have to be left behind . So you can waste your life in accumulating them , but you are not really gaining anything . . And remember , I am not against things – use , enjoy things , they have their own utility .I am not anti – world , not anti – life , not anti – enjoyment –

‘Enjoy life in all its beauty’ . But remember that’s not all . That is only a very peripheral world.On the contrary , you are wasting a tremendous opportunity to be rich.

The real richness is something inner ;Richness has nothing to do with things or possessions .Richness has something to do with how you live , the quality of your life , the music of your life , the poetry of your life .

Your real treasure is within you which happens only through ‘meditation’.

It becomes a passionate love affair . You become aflame with your own energy , you become full of light because at a certain intensity fire becomes life , intensity becomes light . And that’s the only way to be rich , to be prosperous.

‘So live the moment ,find your inner self and become rich forever’

As there has never been any other way , there is none and there never will be .