Kill out the desire for sensation. Learn from sensation and observe it.
What can we observe? – that the greater stimulation, the more the senses die. the less The less the stimulation, the more lively, alert and awake they become.
Because only so can you commence, the signs of self knowledge, and plant your foot on the first step of the ladder. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
What we want to experience is hidden within, and the search for sensation is on the outside. So the greater our sensory stimulations, the farther we move away from our selves. It is a strange thing that man has landed on the moon but he is not at all bothered about landing inside himself. Going to the moon – that too is the search for sensation. But whatever type of sensation it may be…
the desire to land on the moon is very old. Ever since man has been here, he has had the ambition to reach to the moon. Even small babies try to reach out towards the moon. From time immemorial man has been thinking about reaching the moon. But do you know what happened? when man first landed on the moon there was great excitement through the world – especially in America, because it was their man who had landed on it, so there was even more excitement.Everyone was glued to his television set !  but after two hours the excitement had already died down. Man had landed on the Moon and people switched off their televisions. Then their routine, their daily grinds started again. The news was hot for twenty four hours and then it came to an end! the thing that had excited man for thousands of years was over within two hours. Man had reached the moon – now what? for a moment it seemed as if a great event was taking place; than everything became normal, the world went on its way. Such a long journey to victory , one which had been dreamed off for so many eons – even that becomes old in two hours!
Man’s mind turns everything into the old. And no matter how far away we go…… the farther away we go, the more difficult it becomes to experience that which is within.
The first lesson of the science of self knowledge begins with the experience of the senses: if you don’t go in search of sensation, you come closer to yourself. IF you don’t search for the distance, you will be able to know that which is near.