My heart pours infinite love and blessings to you on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima. It is a day of affirming the truth, “Na Gurur Adhikam, Na Gurur Adhikam, Na Gurur Adhikam”, Nothing greater than the Guru, Nothing greater than the Guru, Nothing greater than the Guru!
What Is Guru?
Guru is the Light of our Being. Guru is ever shining, for every spark of consciousness in us is but the spark of that Divine Source we call Guru. Guru Purnima is the Day that is dedicated to the Guru and Guru’s infinite attributes. His qualities are endless. Baba Lokenath, the embodiment of Guru Bhakti, said above “there is nothing greater than Guru”, and said it thrice to stamp the authority of truth. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Guru in pure essence is the very embodiment of our Divine Self. God talks to us, directs the path and holds our hands to lead us back to our natural state of blissfulness, through Guru. The more we contemplate upon the Glory of the Master on this full moon day, the more our mind soars high into the space of infinite Light and Love, and we are bathed in that eternal light.
None of us can ever repay the debt of gratitude to our Guru for all that Guru gives to us, but we can always try to serve our Guru in every possible way so that Guru’s Word is spread and more people realize the Light of the Guru in their life. We serve the poor and oppressed as the veritable manifestation of the Guru.
Saint Kabir Das says, “If I offer my head (which is our ego center) at the feet of my Guru it is no sacrifice compared to what he has given me.” Who else can ignite that fire of knowledge in us that can burn the very root of all miseries in life and set us free? Guru alone is the light that enlightens us and allows us to withdraw our mind from the fleeting changing world of senses to the silent unwavering intuitive state of pure bliss. May we offer our head (ego center) at the feet of our Masters, the enlightened Sages and Seers on this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, and allow the mystic light of full Moon to flood our being with pure devotion and love.
What is our Guru Dakshina, our offering to Guru today?
As a devotee or disciple, we affirm and reaffirm the Presence and continual Grace of the Sadguru in life and commit our self to recognize moment-to-moment that Guru alone is the Doer and His Grace is the protective cluster that will repel every hostile force. We rededicate our self toward greater awareness of the Indwelling Self that is the Guru and lead life in the light of Guru’s aura.
We spread the Presence of our Master in our heart by living the Word of our Master, for Guru and Guru’s teachings are one and the same. When Guru’s teachings are translated into practice we become the moving light of Guru’s Grace. Wherever we are, we attract seekers of bliss to us. They don’t come to us, they come to see the Glory of the Guru living and manifesting in us.
We speak kindly and believe wholeheartedly that unconditional love is the only religion. To attain that, we live in the present, being more mindful and grateful, counting the blessings of life and being positive. We follow the instructions of Sadguru for His instructions are the Guru himself. And lastly we make sure our devotion and trust are growing stronger and stronger while following the path of Truth.
My humble prostrations to my Beloved Master and the Masters of all traditions and faiths, and may we all awaken to our Guru within which is our pure awareness. Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa