Federerism a distinctive philosophy and ideology named after the tennis player Roger Federer but indicative of the Swiss nation as  whole. A term coined to express control; precision; athleticism; industriousness order; cleanliness – qualities embodied by the Basel – born tennis pro and shared by his country folk at large.

The land of Lindt balls, banking, timepieces and – lately – Tina Turner, Switzerland has frequently been named the world’s happiest country in surveys spanning decades. But no one’s quite sure why – least of the swiss. A landlocked, mountainous country with four languages, twenty six cantons and 7.8 million people, Switzerland is responsible for bringing the world such life changing inventions as Velcro, muesli and Toilet Duck. It is also produced twenty five Nobel laureates and the biggest grand slam tennis champion in history. Step forward Roger Federer: man muesli and the quintessence of all that is great about Switzerland.

‘We are proud Federer in Switzerland of course but we don’t boast about it. In fact the common feeling among people of Switzerland is that, “we don’t boast about anything in Switzerland.” A normal Switzerland citizen says , ” We have the mountains, he adds, And it’s clean in Switzerland. Things work we have good democracy and we are relatively well off. That’s one way of putting it. Another way is to note that Switzerland is currently eighth in the world ranking when it come GDP per capita and Swiss bank accounts are legendary, ‘ We are content; on when it come to my country’s deep pockets. But then, talking about the green stuff is decidedly gauche and the swiss s don’t flaunt their wealth. Instead they are quietly confident. There is nothing flash about them and showing off is frowned upon. They know they have a very good quality of life relative to the rest of the world -especially when they look at the UK or the USA. There is high level of satisfaction in Switzerland – and deservedly so. As a nation the swiss excel at preparation, order, control consistency and the ability to be present and reap the reward of their work. They practise as fans of the tennis star world call it Federerism.