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What does it take to change your personality? In this episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Dr. Joe Dispenza says people have more potential than they give themselves credit for. Empowering people to discover their potential and reveal what’s possible has become Joe’s life work. You’ll learn how to effectively fight your victim mentality, fully embrace and envision the future. “When you’re changing, you just stop talking about it. You’re just too busy being it.” Text me: 310-997-4177 — Subscribe and be a part of the movement to make wisdom go viral: — Join the conversation by commenting below. — Enroll in Genius Coaching to improve your life, deepen your relationships and find happiness every day: — Preorder my new book, Think Like a Monk: — Jay Shetty is a storyteller, podcaster, and former monk who wants to make wisdom go viral sarkari result. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a monk, and truths he has learned to make others’ lives better. — Follow me on Social Media: