Before anyone can enter the unknown world of truth, it is essential for him to leave all his known ways. He must drop all that he knows, so that knowing can be born. He must remove all that he believes, so that he can see what is.
You must have seen a reservoir filled with water; it is filled with water that comes from the outside. It is built by joining bricks in a circle with cement and pouring water into it from the outside. On the other hand you also must have seen water in a well. There, all the stones and mud are removed, and a spring of water rises up from underneath. The water in the reservoir will go bad in a few days. It is stagnant. the water in the well, which has a spring at its source, will not go bad. The well has a very deep connection with its life springs, where there is a lot of water; they are ultimately connected with the sea. The reservoir is not connected to anything, water coming from the outside fills it up. The well is ultimately connected with the ocean, it is not filled with anything from outside. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
There are also two types of knowledge. One is the knowledge of the reservoir, which is filled from the outside. It becomes rotten very soon. No brain in the world is more rotten than the brain of a Pundit. He becomes incapable right thinking. His state is very crippled one. Everything inside him has been filled from the outside. He just keeps repeating it, he is like a machine. A pundit’s lectures are very mechanical. You can ask him anything the answer is already there. Before you can ask him a question, inside he already knows the solution. He knows the answer. The answers have been stuffed into him from the outside.
In the west these days, and soon in Bharat they have invented machines into which you can put questions and the machines with give answer. Then there will be no need for the pundits in the world, Because there are machines in which the question and answers have been fed before hand. You can feed in the questions and say you want the answer to the fifth question, and the machine will give you the answer. The machine will tell what the answer is. So there is no need for any Pundit in the world, a machine can do his work more efficiently. With machines there is also more benefit, they do not make anyone fight with anyone else, they do not create any conflict. They do not make one Pundit stand up against another Pundit. They do not dispute. They only give the answer.