Each one is perceived through knowing, the self shines in space through knowing. 
If you can perceive in yourself one point which is both knower and known, then you have transcended object and subject both. Then you have transcended matter and mind both, then you have transcended the outer and inner both. you have come to a point where the knower and the known are one. There is no division.
With the mind, division will remain. Only with witnessing self division disappears. With the witnessing self you cannot say who is the known and who is the knower, it is both. But this has to be based on experience, otherwise it becomes a philosophical discussion. So try it, experiment. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
You are sitting near a rose flower, look at it. The first thing to do is be totally attentive give total attention to the rose, so that the whole world disappear and only the rose remains there – you consciousness is totally attentive to the being of the rose. If the attention is total then the world disappears, because the more the attention is concentrated on the rose, the more everything else falls away. The world disappear, only the rose remains. The rose become the world.
This is the first step to concentrate on the rose. If you cannot concentrate on the rose, it will be difficult to move to the knower, because then your mind is always diverted. So concentration becomes the first step towards meditation. Only the rose remains whole world has disappeared. Now you can move inwards, now the rose become the point from where you can move. Now see the rose, and start becoming aware of yourself – the knower.
In the begining you will miss. When you shift to the knower the rose will drop out of consciousness. It will become faint, it will go away it will become distant. Again you will come to the rose, and you will forget the self. This hide and seek play will go on but if you persist, sooner or later a moment will come when suddenly you will be in between. The knower, the mind, and the rose will be there and you will be just in the middle, looking at both. That middle point, that balancing point, is the witness.
Once you know that, you have become both. Then the rose, the known and the knower, the mind, are just to wings to you. Then the object and the subject are just two wings, you are the centre of both. They are extensions of you. Then the world and the divine are both extensions of you. You have come to the very centre of being. And the centre is just a witness.