Live in love. Do your work. Make an end of your sorrows.

A Buddha is a creator, a Jesus is a creator. Their words, their acts are the only proof that God exists. Their very presence is proof that God exists. Their presence is creative; in their very presence thousands of people are transformed. Buddha is not an escapist; he cannot be. No awakened person can be an escapist. Cowards escape, courageous people are creative. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

He is not against love, he is not against creativity, and he is not against work either. Do you work—because unless you do the work that is close to your heart you will remain unfulfilled. And the meditator finds immediately what his work is. The meditator finds intrinsically that this is his work; he does not have to think about it. It is so clear and so loud that he knows that he has to be a musician or he has to be a poet or he has to be this or that. It comes so clear that there is no question of doubt. And then he starts working; that work is his meditation.

There are many people who are afraid of work. They don’t know that there is a type of work that is totally different from the work that you have come across in your life, and that work can be a meditation.

And if you can drop your willfulness, your ego, then hatred also drops because hatred is nothing but the shadows of your ego. If there is no ego there is no hatred; if there is ego, there is always hatred following it. Whosoever comes in the way… and everybody will come in the way because egos cannot adjust to each other. Egos are always in conflict, egos are always quarreling, they quarrelsome, hence the hatred.

Drop the ego and see the beauty of egolessness. Then there is no hatred, no anger. You become so silent, your energy becomes so calm and quiet, that suddenly you start seeing the world in a different light, in a different perspective. Then this ordinary world is no longer ordinary—it becomes sacred.