Being able to communicate effectively with your co-workers ensures not only that you workplace does not turn sour but also that you are able to get your work done successfully. Here are some tips on how to achieve the same:

1. Start with the Main Point

Whatever your main point is, start with that. Make sure that it does not get buried in the rest of the communication. If you want something done, be clear and precise. 

2. Listen Actively

Communication is a two way street. So make sure that not only you are speaking something concrete but also that you are listening to what others are trying to tell you. If they are not being clear then ask them to clarify. It’ll make them feel heard. 

3. Balance Between Personal & Professional

We all want to know about the lives that our colleagues lead after they leave the office. This helps us see them as persons who have more to themselves than writing checks or balancing accounts. Getting personal at the right times like tea breaks or lunch helps us achieve an insight into our colleagues. But make sure that you do not get too personal, unless asked to.

4. Stay Constructive

When you a difficult message to communicate, make sure you do not get personal. Say only that which helps the other person improve and thus, give you better results. Do not make them feel like their bad work is reflective of who they are as a person; it’s just a part of who they are and not entirely who they are. 

As you work on your communication skills at work, make sure you always treat others with respect and consideration.