Which Power? Definitely not that power which comes from wealth, position, scriptures or borrowed knowledge. Long for that Power which is not dependent on anything but is born from within you, which cannot be obtained but is inborn, which cannot be bought from the market but which is the flowering of your soul. And it flows outward, from the inner, not to the inner from the outer. Now you will be able to understand the connection between desire and power.
Longing means a desire for the inner. And power is also hidden within, that to is born there. Only through this kind of Power will you really become strong. That is why we have called Vardhaman, Mahavira the great warrior. It is not as though Mahavira would have won if he had fought the wrestling champion Gama. It is nothing like that. Still we cannot call a man like Gama, Mahavira – because all though his physical body is strong, the soul within is very weak. And how long will the body last? Gama died of tuberculosis and his last days were very painful. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
You will be surprised to know that in the end, all wrestlers die from dangerous diseases and that their last days very painful – because whatever strength they had was there in their bodies. They mistake the strength of their bodies for their own and when there bodies start to wilt away they feel they have been cheated. And the body will wither away. The wrestler’s body loose its strength much faster because he has misused it. All forms of wrestling are a misuse of the body. What happens in the name of exercise is not exercising but pressurising.
So a wrestler is pressurising his body, by doing so, by exerting so much pressure on his muscles, he is forcing the blood to circulate so that his muscles bulge. That is why no wrestler lives to be old; hedges early. A body which could have been of service for sixty years will now last for only 40 years. You have used twenty years of energy violently.
Body Builders die early, and the last days of these stronger men are very sad and painful. As old age dawns they begin to realise that they were actually weak people and the illusion of power that was coming to them was coming through the body.
We have called Vardhaman, Mahavira – the great warrior. We have called him that because his life energy is arising from such a place that it can never be snatched away; it is arising from within it is not dependent on any means – neither wealth nor position nor body