We expect our child to be super human and so we go on burdening him with expectations of parents, school and society.
Indian parents often complain about their children that they misbehave and do not focus on studies. Interestingly, when the same child interacts with group and individuals beyond school and family, responds in a different manner and his responses are generally pleasant and inspiring. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
There seems to be a problem in the immediate environment in which the child is living and interacting everyday. Much we can blame to school and parents. We all know that every human being is a unique creation of God. But in school we dispense education in a factory mode and therefore we address all the students on the assembly line in the same manner, while each one is different. So most teachers adopt the convenient path and compare the child with others and blame. The same trauma child faces at home too,  he is compared with his siblings or other children in neighbourhood or in friends and family.
Poor Child. The trauma is terrible for him. We only see numbers in children. From their growing size of tee-shirts to school mark sheets.  Shaping a child’s future is an engrossing journey. His education has to be fulfilling with accomplishments. In tibet when the child is ready to seek education, parents select the educator.  A 5-6 years old child is sent off to a school on a pony all alone with a sense of pride to go and seek education under the selected educator. The society supports the young lama. When he reaches the steps of the school he is asked to wait at the gate for the whole day. Just to explain him that he is not an extra ordinary child of a wealthy father that he will get any special attention. Students passing by will look at him, joke at him, will taunt on him, will talk with him, help him, love him and a few will even tease him. The education begins before he actually steps in the school. Parents get to see the child only when his education is complete. This is a great way of learning in an all equal environment. The student is also judged by his capabilities and accomplishments and interests and not by marks.
Normally, today  we select a school for his building and comfort . We are in the era of digital education.  The educator is replaced by a  computer, projector and a screen. We should adopt the new and modern ways of education. But in forming years of a child, he needs a personal touch from the educator who shapes him up just the same way as potter moulds the pot on the pottery wheel. It seems that education is lost in frills. Happiness for child is supreme element in both Parenting and education. Sadly I see enormous deficit of happiness in today’s children. I am sure both parents and schools are aware about it.
Child is just as a human as yourself do not expect him to be super human  
A child may be small in age which may make him vulnerable from the point of view of his experience and exposure. Often Parents think that they know all and also the best. Is it possible for a parent to guarantee that his or her experience is just perfect for the consciousness of the child? It is possible that a teacher may have never come across the consciousness a child before and in many of his past lives.
Buddha’s father tried everything on him under a fear that he may not leave his palace, he got him drunk with wine and women but still the Buddha’s consciousness was beyond his father’s understanding. You need to allow the space for a child to grow. You have no control on his biological growth. But yes you can certainly shape his emotional growth by allowing him space to feel the world the way he wants. His ways of exploration are different than parents and teacher. They do not exist in the text books and neither they exist in society values. Imagine if founders of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook had allowed themselves to get influenced by the society and text books do you think they would not have written their story. Take the example of all first generation artists, poets and painters. Their parents doubted but their ability but they had a rebellion inside them who fought for his space. Such children are less in numbers and most get crushed by parents and school.
He is tender, you need to deal with him accordingly. Give him emotional nourishment just the same as you give it for his body. For giving emotional nourishment to the child the parent and teachers have to emotionally healthy. If you allow him to blossom the way he is you will be surprised that he writes his story better than yours. Just as you did, better than your father.
School and Parents guide the child from their past experiences. They fear about the future. While the child is growing today. Both Parent and Teacher are disconnected with the child. The fact is we need to allow him to experience the world himself and translate the learnings for  his own benefits. Love is the nourishment of soul that grows the positive thoughts, happiness and will in the child.