In one’s dying moments the significant will be saved, the insignificant  will be thrown away. The essential and the non-essential will be sorted out. At the time of departure, all the that is worthless will drop, and all that which is meaningful to you will be packed up and carried over by you. That will become the basis of your journey; it will instantly become your built in program. You will set out on a new journey, and your future birth will take place according to this future program. It will be a new voyage, a new body. It will be a whole new setup. And all this happens as scientifically as anything else. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
So, nirvana means that a person has come to know that death is not really death and life is not really life, Once he has come to the realisation of both, there is no longer any built in program for him. He has let go of the program. He says, “Now I will go alone – a solitary bird in flight. ”  He goes completely alone, leaving everything behind. He leaves behind his worldly wealth as well as the temple. He clears himself from any debts others may owe him as well as from any debts he may owe o others. He foregoes good deeds as well as bad deeds.In fact, he foregoes everything.
Kabir says, ” I leave behind my cloak intact.” He says he wore it with such awareness that no business, no understanding accounts were left stuck to it. He wore it with immense awareness lest something should begin to appear essential or non essential lest something should begin to appear worth holding on to or worth dropping.
Kabir says, I wore my cloak with great awareness and then put it aside, as I found it, without impairing it in any way.” When one is in such a state, there cannot be any built in program for the future, because the person simply departs leaving everything behind as he found it. He does not choose anything; he does not save anything, he transcends all. He does not desire to keep one single thing, thinking, ” After all these are the earning of my entire life’s hard work!” No he leaves everything. That’s why Kabir says, this swan is taking off on the fight alone”. Now the swan, his soul is leaving all alone, accompanied by no one neither friend nor foe, neither good deeds nor bad deeds neither scriptures no doctrines – nothing.
So nirvana means knowing that neither life is life nor death is death. And when we come to know all that was not, then that which is becomes visible to us.