Man ordinarily lives a very partial life, very half – hearted. He lives in a lukewarm way, neither cold nor hot, neither this nor that. His life is without passion, without intensity. And that’s why it is dull, that’s why it is mediocre.

Life takes on a totally new flavor when you live in totally, intensely, passionately, when you risk. Then great intelligence arises in you. In risking you become sharp like a sword. But the swords of people who never risk go on collecting dust; their mirrors go on collecting dust. Their swords become rusty, useless. And that’s what has happened to millions of people and their souls.

My effort here is to help you to clear the dust from the mirror of your consciousness, to clean the sword of your intelligence. And the only way is to live at one hundred degrees because that is the point at which evaporation happens. The ego disappears and you are part of the whole. And to be part of the whole is to be holy.