By Swami Vedant
The five powerful words of Awakening actually set the tantric process in place for the ultimate quest in life for a seeker. The Why, The what, The when, The Where and The How. All searches are based on these five quest.
The “why” becomes the reason for our quest? It seeks answers for all the questions we raise. “Why” is the phenomenon of heart. The thirst in the heart ignites the query.  The query becomes the quest and all our body sensors look for an answer. “Why” is the first step on the path of awakening. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
“The what” is the questioning of the answer arising from why. The mind absorbs the information and weighs the options. Interestingly the master within guides to the right options. One wrong choice for “The what” becomes a big trap to go helter smelter in your search.
“The when” is the time in the timelessness the Grace from the Master as to when he decides to dawn upon you the ultimate answer? “When” denotes the patience of the seeker who just wait for the grace to shower. It is possible that you wait for your whole of your life . “The when” also denotes that there is no condition and neither any guarantee for the ultimate to happen.
“The Where” is the mysteriousness of seeking? The ultimate answer can come from anywhere, at any place and in any circumstance. The seeker has no control on this. Buddha got enlightened while sitting under a tree. It can happen to you by just watching a beautiful sun rise or while making love to your partner.
And “the How” of seeking is complete let go. The master becomes the empty screen it changes as the perceiver change. the changes occur in your inner being you see its projection on the empty screen outside.  You allow the existence to play its role and take you through the journey the way it wants you to travel. You are just travelling and you have no clue of choices. The arising of choice lessness is the ultimate dropping.
The master and the disciple dissolve. All whys, all whats, all wheres, all whens and all hows are dropped the ultimate just happens, you get the answers, The Awakening and the ultimate Happiness.