Meditation, in the ultimate sense, in the inner most sense, means to be agreeable – agreeability. in other words, one who is agreeable in every way, one who is no where in conflict with life; one who is at know point separate from life, one who has become harmonious with all the laws of life, he attains to the ultimate truth, the ultimate life, the ultimate bliss.
We exist  under the same law too. But fighting against the very law, we end up in ultimate bondage – fighting against the very law. It is kind of like this; there are people who understand the value of Gold and make ornaments out of it, and there are others who do not understand its value and make shackles out of it. There is a law that works on Gold. There is a law that governs the molding, the casting of gold. Now whether you make ornaments or chains is entirely up to you. Happyho also provides best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
One who totally establishes one’s agreeability with the inner law of nature attains Dharma. One who totally comes to an agreement with the law of nature in the outside world attains Vigyana. These words are so beautiful they are worth understanding.
What is achieved through Dharma we call Gyana. What is gained through science we call Vigyana. Both words are very meaningful. We do not use any prefix before Gyana, we do not put any adjective before it. Vigyana means a specialise knowledge, Gyana means just knowledge, natural – not any special knowledge.
Religion means having an understanding of how to become spontaneous, how to be one with the inner nature of life. Hence, it is just knowing – not a specialised knowledge. Vigyana is a specialised knowledge.  it has to explore each and every direction in order to find out what would be agreeable to this law of nature and that law of nature.
There are millions of laws working in the outside world.
Obviously, the more you go inside, you ultimately end up with only one law. and the Laws keep on increasing as we move more and more on the outer world. It is like drawing lines away from one point. they will be one at the point of origin, but as they move from the point their number will go on increasing, Their distances will on increasing. This is similar to the sun rays that spread all around. They are one on the Sun, but in moving away from it, The one becomes two, four, a thousand, millions, and billions – they go on spreading. Their distances become greater and greater.