There is the darkness on one side and light on the other. Eventually darkness disappears into infinity and one never knows where it began , where its point of initiation was. Light eventually disappears into infinity too, and one never knows the point of disappearance. And we are always in the middle, we can only see a short distance in either direction .As we look in one direction we find darkness increasing, becoming increasingly intense. But we never see either the end of darkness or any boundary of light. This is how we are situated , in between and howsoever how far we can look ,this is all we see. Even people with the deepest, most penetrating sight have not been able to see more than this.
But what seems to be the problem? When we form a question, some fool turns up to answer it. Once a question is formulated, someone or other is bound to turn up with an answer for it-because someone will formulate the answer. This is how philosophy has come about. Philosophies are made of foolish answers to foolish questions. And the question remain right where they always were, unresolved. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The answers can be different because they depend on an individuals’s thinking. In answer to the question,” who created man?” someone can say “God created man” But what difference does it make? We can ask “Why did God create man? Why did God create man the way he did? And why did God create man in the first place? This would leave the matter right where it always was. Finally one might say,” well, this is the way God does it!”Well, if this is the answer we are going to get ultimately.
Someone might say ,”It is all maya, the play of existence, it is beyond comprehension.” On the other hand this man saying that everything is beyond comprehension, that it is all an illusion, maya; however, when he is talking about everything beyond comprehension, that it is all an illusion he is making an statement that comes from within the realm of his understanding. He appears to have fully understood that everything is maya , that everything is beyond comprehension, then keep silent ;then there is no need to say “All is maya”. How can there be a statement if it is really beyond comprehension? So one must keep quiet ; there is no need to answer.