Altrusitic love acts as a direct antidote to hatered,  the more develop it the more the desire to harm will wither and finally disappear. It is not a question of suppressing hatered but of turning the mind to something diameterically oppose to it: Love and compassion. Following a traditional Buddhist practice, you begin by recognising your own aspiration to happiness, then extend that aspiration to those you love, and ultimately to all people – friends, strangers, and enemies. Little by Little, altruism and benevlolence will saturate your mind until it becomes second nature. In this way, training yourself in altruistic thought can offer lasting protection against chronic animostiy and agression. This will also be accompanied by a genuine readiness to act for the benefit of others. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
It is equally impossible for greed or desire to co-exist with inner freedom. Desire can fully develop only when it is allowed to run rampant to the point where it monopolises the mind. The trap here is the fact that desire, and its ally pleasure, are not ugly like hatered. They are even extremely seductive. But the silicon threads of desire, which seem so light at first, soon tighten, and the soft garment they had woven becomes a straight jacket. The more you struggle the tighter it becomes. In the worst cases, desire can drive us continuously to seek satisfaction at any cost; the more satisfaction seems to elude us, the more it obsesses us. On the other hand, when we contemplate its disturbing aspects and turn our minds toward developing inner calm, the obsession of  desire can begin to melt like snow in the sun. Make no mistake  – there is no question here of seizing to love those whose lives we share, or of becoming indifferent to them. When we stop projecting the insatiable demands of our attachments on to people we are able to love them more and to feel genuine concern for their true wellbeing.