Emotions are responses to something that has happened in the past or is happening in the present, or may happen in the future.

For example you feel disgust for something that is happening right now. But Gratitude is our response in present but to something that happened in the past; something that happened an hour ago, a day, a week, or even years ago. Similarly Guilt, regret and embarrassment are also response related to past events. Emotions therefore influence our behavior in the present. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.

Hope optimism and excitement are emotions for any future event but experienced in the present moment. Similarly Anxiety, fear and vengeance are also responses to future possibilities.

Sadness is actually the way to accept the loss or the helplessness, which is factually causing sadness, however when we get engulfed in the felling much deeply it becomes a downward whirlpool allowing the depression to set into.

Fear brings stress and anxiety. But actually it helps you deal with threatening situations. We can fight or run away from it, both options are there with us. But the solution is to become mindful of the alchemy of the fear.

Same way when we know that something is happening wrong and we avoid it or are unable to put it right. We feel the guilt. The mind keeps on reminding us again and again the same situation and we feel we are trapped in the feeling of guilt, which is related to the event in the past.

Therefore it is much clear that emotions have a peculiar alchemy that influence our responses in present but they arise from past and possible future events.

Interestingly we experience the emotions in present but they are actually our passage into past or in future. If someone understands this alchemy he is than capable of remaining in present. The art of remaining in present is mindfulness.

When emotions dominate the mind we are like a pendulum oscillating into past and future. So if we understand the alchemy of emotions we understand that they are some quick messages to alert us that we are moving into past or future. Mindfulness help you bring you back to present moment – the moment of eternity.